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Work from home productivity involves more than just a functioning laptop. Networks need enough capacity and secure endpoints for workers to access their files and applications from anywhere, and employees need access to cloud applications to take full advantage of the collaboration tools available to them.

The Best Work From Home Essentials Products Ideas

Working from home seems to be the new norm these days. While Zoom meetings and virtual fitness classes seem to be all the rage, we all know working from home is not for everyone. Some of us simply thrive in an office environment and others can work from home just as well as in the office.

A few months ago when I got laid off and took freelancing more seriously, I learned that while working from home seems appealing, you can easily lose your focus (and mind) if you don’t prepare yourself. I seriously thought I’d jump in to freelancing, work from my bed and all would be good but tbh, that got old quick. The work from the bed part, not so much the freelance.

If you’re one of the few that have been working from home and find yourself struggling to find your way, here are some of my FAVORITE work from home products that have helped me function as a blogger, freelancer and new work from home employee.

Work From Home Technology

There’s plenty to plan for, but you won’t need to plan alone, our team will help  you From laptops and mobile phones to personal devices, ensure the endpoints your users utilize are secure in a remote work environment.

Products can be found on eBay or Amazon or other online for great price:

1. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Cold coffee sucks. Iced coffee is great but when you want a warm cup of coffee there’s nothing more annoying than having to constantly warm it up in the microwave. The Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug has been such a life changer when it comes to my morning coffee. You simply make your coffee set your temperature and the mug does the rest. No more cold coffee for me!

2. Coffee Maker

If you’re like me and want to save a few dollars to pay off your debts, consider investing in either a Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker or a Nespresso Essenza Mini. Initially they’re a little pricey but they sure do beat spending $5 at Starbucks every morning. I have the Keurig and the pods I buy are usually $15 maybe $20 for a box of 50 and that usually lasts me a good while. I also drink my coffee black soa making my own coffee is so much cheaper now.

3. Portable Laptop Lap Pad

One of the awesome things about working from home is that you can literally work from anywhere. The couch, your bed, dinner table outside, poolside – wherever. Having a portable laptop lap pad comes in handy when you want to work in other places than your desk.

4. Laptop Desk for Bed

Like I mentioned before, working from home means you have the opportunity to work from your bed if so wish. And sometimes, I so wish. That’s when a laptop desk  or laptop bed tray comes in handy! I have both and trust me, sometimes you need one over the other.

5. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If you get headaches from staring at a screen to much or achy eyes, do yourself a favor and get some blue light blocking glasses. I spend so much time on my laptop, phone and watching TV and my eyes have taken a hit. After I bought these glasses I noticed my headaches have significantly gone down and while I still get strained eyes every now and then, it’s nothing like before I had the glasses.

6. Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector

I have a blue light blocking screen protector on my blogging laptop and oh my god you guys! It has definitely been a game changer! Sometimes I forget my glasses at work or I’m too lazy to get them from another room and having the blue light protector has saved my eyes.

7. Wireless Mouse

I don’t know about you but a wireless mouse is the way to go for me. I’m not a huge fan of a laptop mouse so I make sure to have a cute mouse and useful mouse for the days I work from home.

8. Standing Desk

My job provides us with with standing desks and its been LIFE CHANGING! It’s so liberating to not feel chained to your desk and be able to stand while still working. To work a little on my fitness, I usually incorporate a balance board to help engage my core.

9. USB C Hub

Everything you need, plugged into one place…hell yeah!

10. Planner

As a blogger, full-time employee and freelance consultant, I love me a good planner! Not only do planners help keep you organized when you work from home, they can help keep you in check with daily life tasks like chores, meals, appointments, etc.

11. Foldable Ergonomic Desktop Stand

Aside from the stand up desk, this fold able ergonomic desktop stand has been one of my favorite (most affordable) purchases. For one, it collapses so it’s easy for travel!

12. Productivity Timer

If you tend to lose focus (like me) this productivity timer  will help you stay on track. If your job has you working on multiple projects, you know time blocking helps your work flow. I usually time block on my Google cal but physically seeing the time helps me stay on task for as long as I need to.

13. Water Bottle

When I work from home I try my best to keep hydrated. It’s so easy to forget to drink water and go for the coffee so I invested in a water bottle I can leave on my desk to remind myself to drink more water.  I prefer 32 oz bottles or a gallon one like this so I can really stay on top of my game.

14. Desk Organizer

There’s nothing more annoying to me than a scattered desk. I feel like an organized desk helps organize your mind so obviously I’m a huge proponent of a desk organizer.

15. Desk Pad

A desk pad is such an underrated tool! For one, you can literally turn your ENTIRE desk into a mouse pad and two, it protects your desk from coffee stains, condensation rings, food stains, you name it!