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The Local Power Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the process of maximizing the amount of visitors that go to a website for specific keyword phrases.  SEO is part of an internet marketing strategy.  Some optimizers work with only on-site optimization and some work with on-site factors and off-site factors like link building.

Website On-Site Home page Optimization

When we optimize a website we do extensive keyword research, optimize title tags, description tags, 3 levels of images including the files, the alt tags and the titles of the images.  We optimize 3 to 4 levels of header tags.  We create a website theme with the use of internal links and we optimize the url of every page.  We also do necessary things like 301 redirects for re-designs and much more.

Local and National Competition Research

As part of our strategy, we figure out with the help of software, who your most serious online competitors are and how they got there.  We look for their weaknesses and make seo strategy recommendations based on what we find.

Local Text and Voice SEO

I specialize in Local Visibility Optimization sometimes referred to local SEO and I have had a lot of success with this. Even though it’s not rocket science, it does take someone who cares, who has experience with all aspects of SEO and a in wide variety of industries.

National must have Optimization

If you are in a highly online competitive industry then bottom line, you are going to have to throw a lot of money at Internet Marketing.  I am not set up to optimize a highly competitive industry.  However if you are somewhat niche, I can probably help you and I will let you know after some preliminary research.   I have had success with mid-level niche national website businesses increasing quality organic traffic.

Optimization traffic of Social Media

My team can and do optimize YouTube channels, Facebook profiles, Google+ local business pages, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.  We also post to all of these platforms weekly, typically twice a week.  Please see our Social Media Packages and call for set up platform services and monthly postings pricing.

Google My Business + Local Key win Optimization

We consider Google postings to be part of SEO because the chances of these postings ranking on the first page of Google in the organic section for your desired keywords are high- especially if the postings are optimized properly. Currently, the  Google My Business local business page is slowly merging with the old Google Places page.  If the maps system comes up for any of your desired keywords then we can optimize the local business page(s) to rank as high as possible in the maps system.  We can set up, optimize, and brand Google local business pages for every location you have.

Near Me Keyword Ranking Reports and Google Analytics

Most people want to know how their website traffic is doing every day, week or month.  We offer monitoring and monthly strategy consulting services.  Typically we will meet without clients once a month to go over keyword ranking reports, their Google Analytics, Webmaster tools and if they are monitoring their incoming links, we go over that as well. Some companies cannot loose rank or they will lose a lot of business.  That is why we offer these types of monitoring and consulting services.

I Can’t Help Everyone

I will typically ask to see or set up Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to see if there are any problems with the website. I will also run a check to see if you have any toxic links.  In addition, I will check to see if there is just too much competition in your industry to help you rank on the first page of the search engines for your desired keywords. If I can’t help you or even if I am on the fence about it, I won’t take your money.

The worst thing that can happen is for me to take your money, do a lot of work and then find out after the fact that you have too much competition or that Google doesn’t trust your links.  Nobody wins there.  Sometimes I can help you detect and clear up any problems and then we can start an Internet marketing strategy.

Consulting about the SEO Domain Registration

I also consult with customers about domain name registration based on optimization knowledge.  If you need guidance about what domain name you should register before you even build a website, contact me for consulting.  If you don’t know what a seasoned domain is and how that can affect your business, contact us.