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How to Find Social Media Influencers in Your Industry? Social Media Would you prefer taking travel advice from Anthony Bourdain or Rachel Ray? While I’m sure Rachel has traveled quite a bit in her day, Mr. Bourdain is a travel connoisseur. Whether it be Spain, China, Seattle, or Japan, he’s seen it all and documented

FTC Warns 19 VoIP Service Providers That ‘Assisting and Facilitating’ Illegal Telemarketing or Robocalling Is Against the Law January 30, 2020 FOR RELEASE TAGS: Do Not Call robocalls Bureau of Consumer Protection Consumer Protection Advertising and Marketing Basics Telemarketing Federal Trade Commission staff sent letters to 19 Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service providers warning

Google acquires AppSheet to bring no-code development to Google Cloud Ron Miller@ron_miller / 3:46 pm EST•January 14, 2020  Comment Image Credits: Akio Kon/Bloomberg via Getty Images / Getty Images Google announced today that it is buying AppSheet, an eight-year-old no-code mobile-application-building platform. The company had raised more than $17 million on a $60 million valuation, according to PitchBook data. The companies did

Bee Cool post , check it out…. found on How Blockchain Is Making Waves In Media And Entertainment Nelson GranadosContributor Hollywood & EntertainmentI cover digital trends in travel, media and entertainment. TWEET THIS The blockchain revolution is still in its preliminary stages, and so far in 2018 we see more ripples than waves in

  Bee Cool post advice…. found on How To Monetize Your Media Features   YEC CommunityVoice Entrepreneurs POST WRITTEN BY Nikki Carlson Nikki Carlson is Co-Founder/Co-President of ChicExecs Retail and Strategy Firm. She has over 21 years experience in PR/Marketing.   GETTY There’s nothing more satisfying than the thrill of seeing your business featured by a